Das Keyboard Q REST API Documentation


You can communicate with your device throught 2 different APIs. A cloud api and a local api

Cloud API

The script you write on any machine will communicate with the cloud, the cloud will communicate with the Q desktop installed on the computer and then the Q desktop will communicate to the Q enabled device plugged in on this computer. This script can be hosted on any online server and will still communicate with the Q enabled.

  • Speed (~20 Seconds)
  • Internet Accessibility
  • OAuth credential requirement
  • Messages can be viewed in Q Signal Centre https://qapp.daskeyboard.com/signals
  • Mobile app can see signals

Local API

The script needs to be running on the machine where the Q enabled device is plugged in. The script will communicate directly to the Q desktop that opens a web server on the port 27301. The Q desktop will then communicate with the Q enabled device.

  • Speed: quasi-instantaneous
  • Limited Accessibility - Commands can only be sent locally http://localhost:27301
  • No credential requirement
  • Not reliant on Q Cloud, useful if Q Cloud is down or performing maintenance
  • Can be used offline
  • Privacy – Signals are not stored on the cloud database
  • Messages will not appear in Q Signal Centre - https://qapp.daskeyboard.com/signals
  • Mobile apps will not see these signals