Understanding zoneId

There are 3 ways to address an LED or a group of LEDs. A keyboard key has only one LED whereas the side pipes have many. Targeting a zone with many LEDs (again like the side pipes) will light up all its LEDs.

Addressing a zone as key code

A key code (e.g. KEY_W) is a human readable representation of a zone. It is used to identify a location. It is language dependant (e.g. German A key is not at the same place as the English one).

Example of zones:

  • KEY_W
  • KEY_B



The above layout depicts the 5Q and X50Q keyboard layouts. The 4Q layout is shiftted by one, meaning that the ESC key is at (0, 0).

Addressing a zone as a 2D coordinate XY (recommend)

A zone can be expressed as an X,Y point coordinate.


  • 2,4
  • 10,5

This is the recommanded way to address an LED because it is consistant across different layouts (EN, FR, etc…).

In the following picture the Q Key is atcoordinates 2,2.


Addressing a zone as a linear coordinate

A linear coordinate is a 1D number.

In the following picture the Q Key will be addressed with the coordinates 74.


NB: “|-F” = left pipe and “|-R” = right pipe